Scientific Program

day 1, Natural History Museum



9h00 – OPENING by the Director of NHM Vienna


9h30 - Martin Zuschin - Introductory talk on research topics and networks, and the previous Autreef workshop



Chair: Pedro Frade

  • 9h50 -  Maria Schaffhauser - “Composition and evolution of reef-mounds in the Trogkofel Formation, Lower Permian, Carnic Alps, Austria”

  • 10h10 - Patrick Meister - “Microbially induced and microbially catalyzed carbonate formation: two different types of mud-mound factories?”

  • 10h30 - Javier Souto Derungs - "Bryozoan diversity from the cool water coral reef of the Galicia Bank (NE Atlantic)"

  • 10h50 - Hubert Blatterer  - “Mollusca from the Dahab region (Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea)”





Chair: Martin Zuschin

  • 11h30 - Mathias Harzhauser - “Taphonomy, age structure and carbonate production of a giant Miocene oyster reef”

  • 11h50 - Jillian Petersen - “Chemosynthetic symbioses in lucinid clams from seagrass sediments

  • 12h10 - Pedro Frade - “Diversity of coral-associated microbes and their role in mediating host health

  • 12h30 - Ulisse Cardini -Dinitrogen fixers in coral holobionts: symbiotic partners in a changing ocean

  • 12h50 - Juergen Herler - “Phenotypic adaptation and ecological function of small habitat-specialized coral reef fishes


13h30 - 14h30 - LUNCH at the NHM Cafeteria



Chair: Joerg Ott

  • 14h30 - Reinhard Kikinger - “Coral reefs and tourism – Impacts, information, conservation”

  • 14h50 - Daniel Abed-Navandi - “The Haus des Meeres coral maintenance and propagation system and its potentials for experimental exsitu coral-research

  • 15h10 - Pierre Madl - “Detecting biocommunication in Scleractinia using an ultra-weak photon emission detection system“

  • 15h30 - Marlene Wall - “Natural CO2-rich reefs in Papua New Guinea: a window into the future

  • 15h50 - Bernhard Riegl - “Going over the climate-cliff? Population dynamics of reef corals in a changing world”




16h30 - 18h00 - OPEN DISCUSSION moderated by Joerg Ott


18h00 - 19h30 - GUIDED TOUR and drinks


19h30 - 20h30 - POSTER SESSION

  • Lea Katherine Acera Kastner - “Stock and fishery investigation of commercial Aspidochirotid Holothurians (Holothuriidae and Stichopodidae) in the Philippines”

  • Omri Bronstein - “The environmental drivers of the annual reproductive cycle of the sea urchin Echinometra sp. from the Gulf of Aqaba (Red Sea)”

  • Pedro Frade - “A specialized coral-Symbiodinium-Bacteria community deep down on a Caribbean reef”

  • Bettina Glasl - “Corals use their mucus microbiome to stay healthy and survive disturbances”

  • Andreas Kroh - “Echinoderms of Vavvaru Island (Lhaviyani Atoll, Maldives) – new records from the 2014 Vienna University Reef course”

  • Iason Pifeas - “Long-term ecological changes in the north Adriatic Sea: Species turnover at the Brijuni island national park

  • November A. Romena - “Common shallow water sea fans in the 'center of the center' of marine biodiversity”

  • Sarah Zauner - “Diversity, habitats and size-frequency distribution of the gastropod genus Conus at Dahab (Gulf of Aqaba, Northern Red Sea)


20h30 - WORKSHOP DINNER at the Planetarium Room



Social Program

day 2, Haus des Meeres

Open day at the "Haus des Meeres – Aqua Terra Zoo" in Vienna, including:


12h00 - Afternoon FREE ENTRANCE


17h00 - GUIDED TOUR to the areas "Behind the Scenes"


Sponsored by


Dr. Pedro Frade

University of Vienna

Department of Limnology and


Althanstraße 14, 1090 Vienna, Austria



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